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Samantha Howick

Samantha, artist, yogini and devoted mother of four children. Founder of One Yoga, dedicated to encouraging people to love more deeply and live more fully. Ancient wisdom provides the framework allowing us to tap into the power of love that regenerates, heals and transforms. Uncovering and aligning each person with their own dharma is a passion. Everything I do is created to ignite our deepest knowing. Celebrating the renewable abundance of nature and its profound effect on our own body -mind –spirit.  In cultivating awareness, a more enlightened understanding of the Self blossoms. Delving deep into the waters of Vedanta, Tantra, Sound healing and Shamanic rituals, weaving my way through yoga’s highly evolved techniques, creating an inner shift towards love and higher frequencies, allowing freedom and creativity to flow. Sharing the transformative power of yoga is my offering to you both on and off the mat.


Initiation into the space of energy and light were first taught to me by my mother. The grace of Shakti and my female lineage have enabled me to embrace my earthly experiences, my primary devotion as a mother, and exploration of my own evolving journey.


Over twenty years of dedicated discipleship & passion, I try to bring this wisdom into my life and into my teachings.


With the breath as a portal, body and mind simultaneously unite with the dance of spirit. Shedding the fatigue caused by effort. Giving into deep inner synchronicity and effortless presence in the moment. An alchemy of the elements transforms stiffness into fluidity, density is replaced with shimmering energy. The landscape of the body is refined, liberated and illuminated from within. Awareness of the self effortlessly melts into peace, revealing our pulsing luminosity and ultimate oneness.

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