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Rach Cox has a unique zest for life and loving sense of humour. Her connection with holistic healing came from her mum, who was a homeopath, iridologist, massage therapist, reflexologist and a yogi. Rach has practiced martial arts and meditation for over 30 years, travelling regularly to Asia in order to learn more about the ancient fighting and healing arts she utterly adores. She became a yoga teacher in 2010 and has been offering dance and yoga workshops worldwide ever since. Dancing since the age of 3, she taught Street Jazz and Hip Hop dance in Oxford and London for decades. Rach had a successful legal career in the city of London, which she left to pursue a more spiritual path. Rach travels back to The Mother Land: India regularly for further learning, panchakarma and deep self practice. She spends time in the jungle, with tribe and leading gurus, to enhance her knowledge and practice.

Rach Cox
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