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Pure Recharge Smoothies

Pure Recharge is a small family run business that prides itself on providing a natural and convenient food choice to help maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

"Our smoothie mixes are a quick and convenient smoothie mixture for busy or active individuals that are short on time. They come as an unprocessed, dry wholefood mixture, which is blended with Almond milk and a banana, to make an energy boosting, nutritious and filling snack/ breakfast. The mixtures are all natural and contain a blend of superfoods such as Guarana and Ginseng, which are naturally occurring energy boosters. All of our products contain oats, nuts and dried fruit. They are gluten free, dairy free and contain no animal products so are inclusive for most dietary requirements. Our Acai bowls are a new addition to our offering. Simply put, they are a really thick smoothie which we top with granola & fruit, and then you eat with a spoon. They’re really popular with those that want healthier, fruit based dessert."

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