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The Mala Tree

"My name is Lynne, I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and have been teaching for 10+ years, inspired by my dad who was a yogi in the 70s when yoga first arrived in the west.


At an early age I would see him practicing headstands and meditation. I too am passionate about this wonderful gift of yoga and Meditation. I now live and teach yoga in the rolling hills of Lancashire; my first Mala was given to me by one of my first yoga teachers who said “Everyone should have a Mala”.I began to make Mala beads 2 years ago. To begin with as a therapeutic practice that soon became a passion.


My first attempt I gifted to someone inspirational to me and from there on, by word of mouth, orders and enquiries came in. I realised this was something I should continue. I am so thankful to combine a life of teaching Yoga and making beautiful spiritual Mala beads that enhance peoples lives. Each individual Mala takes 3 hours to lovingly make, I’m not a big production company or large enterprise, it’s just me in my sacred space making Malas with love.”

Prema Mala.jpg
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