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Pallavi. B. Dodia
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Pallavi, an evangelist of healthy living is a Highly Specialist Physiotherapist and an International Yoga practitioner. She is has been persistently contributing to the Health and Wellness industry since 2008 across the globe. She was born and brought up in India. Her cultural ties to the ancient Yogic practices in her motherland India paved the way for a passion in deepening the inner knowing. She has been an excellent student all her life with a genuine interest in meaningful contributions. In the pursuit of higher education, she completed her Masters in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation in the UK in 2010. With a keen interest in research and innovation, she has worked on developing a new walk test for low capacity individuals in the UK.

She has worked in prestigious multispeciality institutes in India, UK and USA. She designed corporate wellness programs for many prestigious companies like Connect and Heal, IBM, Highly electricals, etc. She has been the Project manager of a government Smart health project with the Police, which included performing fitness tests and improving their fitness capacity. She is a committee member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation (ACPICR), UK.

Her passion for study and an exploration to bridge the health gap took a new turn when she learned Yoga from the authentic Gurus in Kerala and Rishikesh, the birthplace of Yoga. With the Himalayan Yoga-Vedantic teachings, she amply realised the physical and mental benefits of Yoga quickly and fell in love with the practice on and off the mat.

With years of dedicated study and services, she has realised that Wellness isn’t just going for a run or eating well. It’s also paying attention to your emotions and processing them.

A philanthropist and a strong believer in Collective consciousness, she has contributed to the organisations like Lions club, Circles of life, BAPS,KMC Buddhist centre.

She weaves her holistic knowledge of the effects of stress on the somatic or physical body and nervous system into her sessions, offering supportive and accessible techniques that you can inculcate into your daily routine and enhance your wellbeing. She has organised and led many wellness retreats in exotic destinations like the Himalayas in North India, White desert in Rajasthan, Gir Forest in Gujarat, River Lea, London, etc. She has also taught in Yoga teachers training courses. Her expertise is in Physical and Yoga therapy, Cadiovascular rehabilitation, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation.

She is very intuitive and receptive and tailors the sessions as per the individuals’ goals.

She co-founded Astitva Wellness with a vision to cultivate a planet filled with healthy, happy and empowered people and a mission to revive and provide accessible and inspiring holistic solutions and interventions to an ageless global audience.

Astitva Wellness provides integrated online and in-person services with Yoga, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Healing therapies.

Upcoming projects: Astitva collection, Yoga Teachers training courses.



“Let the entire World be happy”

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