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Nikki Jackson

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Nikki Jackson is founder and director of a 550hr post graduate Yoga Therapy Training Course accredited by The British Council of Yoga Therapy, training experienced yoga teachers and health professionals, to become professional yoga therapists. Nikki has been teaching yoga since 1994 and yoga therapy in the NHS and private sector since 2004. She has experienced a wealth of yoga trainings in both India and the UK, which include Hatha, Iyengar, Viniyoga, Yin yoga and Tibetan healing dorje yoga. She is also a mindfulness coach and teacher emphasising Self-compassionate based practices and Nature connections at the core of her teachings and is passionate about bringing a sense of play, curiosity, enjoyment and, above all, smiles into her teachings.   


Yoga, Nature and the 5 elements

A mindful, restorative style yoga flow class, closely linking to the wisdom of Nature and the 5 elements of earth, fire, water, air and space. The practices will be creative, playful and healing, with an emphasis on improving prana flow, opening the nadis and balancing the 5 vayus, the internal wind energies, to help you return to your Svabhava, your own True Nature. 


Yoga Nidra – creating space and light

This Yoga Nidra is used in yoga therapy when we are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, stressed or fatigued. It will guide you on a hatha yoga journey from outer to inner, surface to depth, solidity to fluidity, constraint to space, form to formless, and from darkness to light.  Wherever we create space in the mind and body, there will always be more light. When the mind feels spacious and light, all sorts of possibilities and life potentials will open to us. 

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