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Lucy Crisfield

Lucy Crisfield lives with the Yoga Sūtras burning in her heart, what are they, and what do they mean, really?! She has been surprised by the intensity with which they have gripped her, and have shaped her life over the past 15 years. Her burning questions have propelled her toward studying Sanskrit for the past 10 years, and have taken her to the feet of Masters of the language: Satyanānda Shastri, Dr Stephen Thompson and Peter Harrison, who have all broken her down again and again as she tried to analyse the Yoga Sūtras and fit them into a box. Patiently they have tired her questioning mind so that she could feel the vast capacities held within the Sanskrit language. 


Lucy shares what she has learnt in this personal journey into the Sanskrit language and the Yoga Sūtras in a direct, focused, and joyful manner. She uses sound, meditation and discussion to bring these powerful aphorisms alive within the participants of her satsang.

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