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Luci Trendle

Luci began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago and it had such a profound impact on her life that she very soon became aware that it was a fundamental part of her well-being. Such was her enthusiasm she was inspired to study with The Traditional Yoga Association®.  In 2006 she qualified to teach, under the wing and wisdom of Swami Ambikananda. 


With the experience and knowledge of the transformative benefits of Yoga, Luci teaches with a therapeutic approach.  Appreciating that everybody’s physiology is different she encourages students to explore their own limitations at their own pace.  


Luci is naturally vivacious and energetic, with a sunny disposition and good sense of humour - and this is evident in her classes!


Luci teaches both public and private classes in Reading and Newbury, as well as in the privacy and comfort of her home studio, west of Reading.


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