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Laura Finch

Laura has long been the seeker of truth. She appreciates the importance of a spiritual life. She grew up in Africa in a Black and white family when it was against the law.  Crossing race lines led to her imprisonment at age 15. These experiences gave her a healthy disrespect for authority and a questioning of all that is given as ‘truth’.  Her mother was diagnosed with cancer just a year after her birth but followed a natural approach to healing, outliving all expectations. She shared this journey with her children which included meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices alongside a plant diet.

Laura came to England in the 1980’s as a single mother with a passionate desire to change the world. She was attracted to Greenham Peace Camp where she met Swami Ambikananda. Laura began to realise a spiritual path was changing the world and yoga was a revolutionary act. Swami Ambikananada introduced her to Traditional yoga and Vedanta books of knowledge. In 1996 Laura had a serious motorbike accident. Yoga became pivotal/central in her taking responsibility for her own recovery and future life. 

Laura completed her training in 2006 and since teaches the over 50’s in a community setting, runs her own private classes and one to one. Currently, over 100 students attend her yoga and meditation classes each week. She regularly trains to widen her experience of yoga.

Laura plans yoga retreats and workshops in the UK and worldwide which will include an African Game reserve. She is a trained Bowen therapist and appreciates the interconnectedness of the body. She looks forward to participating in the World yoga festival to share her experience.

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