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Katie Arscott
Katie Arscott.jpg

Since qualifying as a Children’s Yoga Teacher, a Teen Yoga Teacher and an Adult (Sivananda) Yoga Teacher, Katie has continued to study and gain further qualifications in Yoga Therapy for PTSD, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Awareness of Mental Health, Yoga for Cancer and Menopause Yoga. After 20 years in the Corporate World, Katie has also studied as a Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Coach and Massage Therapist and these teachings are weaved into all of her classes, courses and workshops as Katie strongly believes in a healthy, holistic approach to life. Katie lives in Devon and runs various Yoga, Health & Wellbeing Workshops & Courses. Katie also teaches privately, in studios, in gyms, primary and secondary schools and with various Charities and Corporates.

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