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Julia Chilcott-Coombes 
Julia Chilcott-Coombes.jpg

BA (Hons), Phys Ed Cert, PGCE, E-RYT-500, CYQ-YMCA Dip, MCMA


Julia is the Founder and Director of YogaVeda UK, is a Fully Qualified Accredited Ayurveda Consultant, Yoga Trainer, Children’s Yoga Teacher; also as a trained Mindfulness and Meditation teacher Julia has pioneered Mindfulness and Yoga having a place on the curriculum for all school children. Julia has worked with Southampton University on developing wellbeing strategies for Trainee Teachers and is currently the Wellbeing Lead at the Secondary school and 6th Form where she works full time.  


Julia is passionate that every person has the right to be consistently full of vitality and as well as they can be; using the practice of Ayurveda and Yoga to create individually tailored wellbeing plans to help clients to better ‘survive’ the demands that the over stimulated world we live in presents us has created a thriving practice based in Southampton.


Feeling the Loveda With YogaVeda

Yoga forms a part of Ayurveda as it refreshes the body, relieves stress and improves digestion. Different Yoga asanas have varied effects on an individual’s body. Each of us has a unique constitution governed by our physical and emotional make up as well as our lifestyle, daily routines, the foods we eat, what time we go to bed etc. These constitutions are called Doshas and are linked to the elements. The dosha are Vata (ether and air) Pitta (fire and water) Kapha (water and earth). Yoga helps to maintain a balance in the all the three doshas. Join Julia’s session to experience the profound benefits of practicing dosha specific postures, breathwork, self-enquiry and deeper relaxation using mindfulness techniques.

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