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Jasmine & Pink

Inspired by over a decade of exploring India, Siân has created her small business out of a passion to share the soul warming nature that makes the country so enchanting. India's richly diverse tapestry takes several lifetimes to uncover, but it is her vision to bring you at least a sprinkle of its chaotic magic.


Siân works with talented artisans in Rajasthan, to create unique block print clothing and accessories for her online shop and market stall. Many items have been created out of leftover or upcycled fabrics to help use up materials that have already been produced. Using her career in the India travel sector, Siân also curates and escorts small group tours to India, where she takes guests across different regions to meet with expert craft artisans, along with taking in other exciting highlights such as yoga sessions, shopping in the bustling bazaars and admiring the remarkable architecture.

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