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Helena Turner
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I began the practice of yoga in 1998. It had such a positive effect on me that I went on to train with Yoga Alliance and later completed a Satyananda (Bihar) Teacher Training course in 2010. I teach yoga full time and also give Thai Yoga Massage. I am interested in all aspects of yoga and have taken further study in Mental Health, Meditation and Pranayama. I have been influenced by Buddhist and tantric teachings and am currently undertaking an 18 month study group of the ’precepts’, with a local Zen Meditation group. In my spare time I like to paint Mandalas and Yantras. I studied Yantra painting with Mavis Gewant in the Harish Johari tradition and now teach Yantra painting workshops across the UK, as well as exhibiting my work locally. I enjoy chanting and Kirtan and bring many of these aspects into my classes. The practices have supported me through life’s ups and down and since teaching I have seen many people, including myself, benefit from a mindful yoga practice. I teach Yoga in several settings, to all ages and abilities. I believe yoga is for everybody, that’s why I teach.


Embodying the Elements with Yoga & Yantra

I will be teaching a creative yoga class that connects us to the elements and incorporates practices for each Tattva. Using the principles of geometry you will be guided through the construction of a five elements Yantra, with a combination of asana, mantra and contemplation for each element as we create it.  


“Basic geometric shapes communicate universal qualities common to all cultures. “ Maggie Macnab

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