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Leo Dey

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Born and raised in India to parents from diverse and different backgrounds, Leo Dey comes from a unique blend of musical traditions and cultures. His father is an accomplished Bengali Folk singer in the lineage of traditional Indian heritage. His mother's origins are from Native American tribes and Colombian roots in Latin music. Growing up in a truly versatile artistic family, Leo has been a gifted musician from the very start. He began his formal training in Indian Classical Music at a young age. His singing has been described by his teachers as having the "causeless mercy of Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge". Leo Dey has performed numerous concerts all around the world and continues to share his heartfelt melodies. As a well-established, internationally recognised vocalist, he now dedicates his life to music whilst teaching and training his students in this artform through his academy "Swar Yoga".

Leo Dey's workshop is designed to develop in the participants’ self-confidence in voice articulation; improved speech enunciation; enhanced ability for public speaking; voice modulation; singing with a wider range, pitch control, ear training, etc.

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