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Avi is the Site Planner and lead. He is multi-talented and nothing phases him. He is happy to take on any task and make it seem easy. Born Chilled, he is always ready to help.


Bethany takes care of the volunteers. She brings together skills from her work as a volunteer coordinator for a growing homeless support charity, with her passion and experience working in events and festivals. Bethany practices Prana Vinyasa yoga and works to incorporate meditation and yoga into her life.


Cristina takes care of marketing, social media and PR for the World Yoga Festival. She brings to us lots of experience working with events and festivals across the country, where she advised them on many aspects from marketing and social media, to gate management and ticketing! She has been a freelance consultant for the last five years working with small, independent, mostly arts-based organisations and loves the energy and excitement of live events.


Gemma is the children co-ordinator and a very experienced Yoga teacher. Since qualifying as Hatha Yoga Teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in India, she has taught throughout Asia. Yoga is her lifestyle. She comes alive during the UK summer festival scene. Gemma is looking forward to spreading the word of Yoga through festival fun and becoming a part of the movement along with Sonali & Ram.


Independent of Sunday Happylist winning film maker James Light uses film to highlight the unity in our seemingly separate world, by helping activists, charities and do good groups tell better stories of the work they do. James will be on sight helping the festival tell this year's story and asking people the question 'What’s Your Story? for his latest solo project -
So if you feel you have a story to tell or simply wish to express what the World Yoga Festival means to you then don't hesitate to stop him and say hi.


Krishna is the IT Consultant for the World Yoga Festival. She is very passionate about dancing and finds it the best way to relax. Krishna is looking forward to embrace Yoga and meditation as part of her lifestyle being part of the festival.

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