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Elk Burland
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Elk has been a keen musician since the eighties, when he began playing the saxophone in groups and as a street musician. Since then, he has worked on all manner of projects and currently spends much of his time working as a sound engineer and producer. He also has a passion for personal development and the positive psychology movement, he trained as a councillor in 2007. Elk now runs Drum Happy where these two worlds meet and the therapeutic benefits of music are made accessible to all.


Rhythm Jam Workshops: Join us in a joyous, rhythmic romp, playing hand drums and percussion in an awesome rhythm jam! No prior knowledge or experience is necessary as we will briefly instruct you on how to hold and play the instruments, and empower you to channel your inner musician. Experience the buzz of creative collaboration in this relaxed, fun and invigorating session. There are few guarantees in this life, but we feel confident that you will leave happier than when you arrived. Instruments are provided.

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