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Dr Ramesh Pattni

Dr Ramesh Pattni DPhil (Oxford) is a renowned world authority on Yoga Psychology as explicated from Yogasūtra of Patañjali, the primary text of Classical Yoga. His research is focused on understanding the psychological dimension of the Yogasūtra and creating ways of applying this profound knowledge and wisdom in the modern context for mental well-being and spiritual unfoldment. He is also a long-time practitioner and teacher of Yoga and has conducted hundreds of talks, classes, seminars, workshops and retreats on Yoga and meditation including Finding your Centre: Guide to Yoga Meditation; The Spiritual Toolkit for Happiness, In-Sight, Meditation Intensive, Yoga Mindfulness, The Art of Letting Go, The Matrix of the Mind, and Mind in the Moment. He has considerable experience in spiritual guidance and counselling and has been helping individuals over many years. He also gives one to one consultations in Yoga Psychotherapy.

Ramesh is a graduate of the King’s College London, holds three master’s degrees and has doctorate in Yoga Psychology from the University of Oxford. He also tutors and teaches at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and gives public lectures on many aspects of Hinduism, religion and science and spirituality. Ramesh is passionate about serving the community through many public positions he holds including Trustee/Vice President of Chinmaya Mission UK. He is also a former Director of the Interfaith Network UK and a Joint-Chair of the Hindu Christian Forum UK.

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