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Dr. Omanand (Guruji)

Dr. Omanand Guruji is a renowned Yoga Guru and motivator with multi talent honours and enlightened scholar. His students are successful Yoga teachers from 88 countries. He is author of 38 books, numerous DVDs and articles. He is a merit holder throughout his education and is honoured with various awards. He knows 6 languages, has travelled to 60 countries. Currently 38 students conduct their research Doctorate degree under his inspiration. He has appeared on various TVs and radios world over. On Jan24th,2018 made a world record of 14.6 million Sun Salutation in Nasik under his inspiration as chief guest.


He is ex-President of Hindu University of America, FL, USA and Chancellor of proposed Paramanand University.  His teachings come from heart not from head. His messages 'Be present and Be Blissful'. 


So far he has inspired, guided and motivated to over 1 million people in various National and International seminars, workshops, programs. He guided to odinary to high profile politicians, businessmen, professionals are benefited from his teachings. His unique techniques Consciousness Power Awakening are inspiring, leading to stress free, rejuvenating, awakening and healing.


He lives a simple life, full of compassion and divine love. His in-depth true knowledge benefits all seekers. Under his guidance, one easily experience beautification and purification of body, mind, intellect, brain and soul. When one meets him with pure heart, will feel delighted, peaceful and release blockages and toxins from their lives. 


Video of India’s Foreign minister’s Yoga & Meditation session: Sushma Swarajji



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