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Manish Vyas
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Mantra Workshop with Manish Vyas – tools and techniques for our daily practice

The world of sound is a fascinating subject. It is so close to our daily life, even if it goes unnoticed. Unfortunately we are seldom aware of the sounds around us and the power of the sounds as healing and uplifting tools. Mantras are conscious sounds and they have the power to awake experiences and emotions at different levels of our beings. The workshop combines theory and practical activities. The participants leave with tools to apply techniques with mantras in their life, in yoga, in meditation, for promoting good sleep, for relaxation. It gives the right understanding and the necessary tools to relate to this ancient prayers from India, mantras in which meanings are not so important, as ‘meanings’ belong to the sphere of the mind. It is the sound itself and the form which are connecting. Are you connecting or not? The quality of the sound is important, not the meaning. A mantra comes from the source of creation and when the transmission is pure, then it can be a transformative force. Without the necessary awareness, just repeating a sound only brings dullness to the mind. Contrary to many people's beliefs, in mantra singing it's not so important the intention, but the correct reciting, pronunciation and rasa - one of the most important elements in Indian music which means emotion, expression… which si key to make the mantra or the prayer or the ‘call’ work properly.

The purpose of mantra chanting in the path of Yoga is to generate specific vibrations and connect with the universe, and the response will depend on how that call is done.


The practice of Naad Yoga – union with the universal vibration through music – helps us raise and become one with the universe. Open your heart and your mind; come immerse yourself in Raj Yoga and Naad Yoga, a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, sound vibrations, and mantras. In this workshop we will explore various types of mantras and learn how to chant them and use them effectively in a meditation practice. Learn the symbolic meaning, mythology and power of devotional chanting.


Point of the workshop:

  • What is Mantra and how mantras are used in India

  • Introduction to Nada (sound) and Indian music system (Ragas)

  • Why sound is healing

  • Importance of the right sound for mantra technique to be effective

  • Sanskrit and the importance of mantra pronunciation

  • How to approach mantras in meditation and Sadhana

  • Distinction between Mantra, Kirtan, devotional song, etc.

  • Different techniques: singing, listening meditation, chanting, silent repetition

  • Preparation for chanting 

  • Chanting with harmonium (optional)

  • Understanding and singing different mantras


Closing meditation mantra

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