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One to One Peter Hess Sound Massage

Sound Massage therapy has its origins in India and it has been used for healing purposes for over 5,000 years. Enjoy a One to One Peter Hess Sound Massage where certified 12 melt therapy quality singing bowls are used with each having a unique vibration and sound.  Depending on clients’ personal needs and being guided by the therapist's intuition, these are placed on different parts of the body to promote stress relief, deep relaxation and natural healing.

Soothing sounds and healing vibrations have a transforming effect on our physical, mental and energetic body.  Simply relax, listen and let the sound to enter your body and reposition each cell into a state of harmony.

The benefits include:

▪ Stress reduction

▪ Calming of emotions

▪ Supporting and promoting sleep

▪ Reduction of muscles tension and pain relief

▪ Cleansing your body of toxins

▪ Removing mental or energetic blocks (cleansing of meridians)

▪ Improving blood circulation and regulation of body fluids

▪ Cells rejuvenation and self-healing

▪ Deep relaxation (creating meditation-like state: alpha and theta state)

▪ Feeling more energetic, alive and refreshed

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