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Bobby Sira
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Bobby Sira began his journey over 15 years ago to merge the science of the East and West and understand his own spiritual transformation . He stepped into the progressive path of Yoga and Ayurveda while keeping close to the clinical world to ensure he understood the changing landscape of health.


Bobby lives in the heart of England with his family surrounded by the rich landscape of Shakespeare’s county and the feeling of space and light. It is the back drop for PharmAveda’s growth and evolution to provide a unique insight into health and wellness through activating the ultimate healing system within ourselves.


For over 20 years, he worked in pharmacy and the Development services for patients both in the NHS and private sectors. The more he treated people with conventional medicine, the more he observed the reliance on drugs and the decline in responsibility for one’s own health.


Our bodies and minds are over-saturated by the notion of a ‘pill to fix it’. and he discovered an intuitive insight on how to guide people to re-balance and rethink, and re-evaluate their responsibility to living.

Ayurveda & Western Medicine - How Two Become One 

This talk aims to not only bring Ayurveda into your life, but demonstrate how it can be perfectly combined with the current healthcare provision around you. One science does not need to be negated for the other, but the two can become integrated in such a way that your health and wellness journey is one.

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