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Claire Tamplin
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Claire, Mother of two, was a Secondary School Teacher of English for over a decade and is now Founder and CEO at ‘The Mindful Movement Coach’.

Awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for her ‘sheer vibrancy’, Claire courageously pivoted from her profession as a Teacher to leave the system in order to teach ‘the whole child’. Inspired and trained by the works of Dr Dan Siegel and The Teen Yoga Foundation, she is now an award winning Educational Well-being Specialist, recently receiving the ‘Role Model’ Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Award 2022; for her work in mental health in Education and the Community, as well as nominations for ITV’s National Diversity Award and Edufuturists’ Well-being Champion. 

Claire is a cycle breaker and trailblazer; she strongly believes in life long learning beyond the classroom, a soul evolution for all ages. In her role as an Entrepreneur in Residence at University of Portsmouth, Claire works with young adults and staff about the importance of continuing to embody the essence of well-being. Her wish is to ‘cultivate a kind, compassionate, non- judgemental and secure culture that allows our essence to flourish. Authenticity, truth, empowerment and peace for all.’ 

Claire writes for OM Yoga and Lifestyle magazine and has her own radio show on Express FM: ‘Cultivating Courageous Conversations’, whereby she interviews inspiring people within the community and invites them to lean into conversations sharing their mental health journeys. 

Looking introspectively at courage, kindness and compassion, Claire’s session will be accessible for all. Claire you will gently guide you through her unique mindful movement method; using music and meditation to weave together the essence of heart led, life long learning - leaving you with a feeling of presence, power and peace.

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