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Chetana & Chidanand Thornton 

We unite all aspects of the alchemical yoga lineage to share in the joy of communion awakening the Heart to Self Realisation. A Temple to come home to yourself.


Our yoga workshops are inspired by the mahatma Ammachi. Our roots are in bhakti yoga since we established awakenheartyoga in 2000. Together we open a sacred space to be moved from pranayama in asana woven through live vocal landscapes, harmonuim and percussion, mantra and sound-healing.


The kirtan is often infused through our asana practice a flowing vinyasa bhakti yoga flow. The evening practice shares the bliss of restorative yoga therapy, nurturing asana and bodywork. Fluidity in movement awakens the spine, we are invited to move from inner body awareness unwinding cellular conditioning releasing core compensation and holding patterns, to awaken a new way of being and living as awareness. The yoga is our prayers in action, surrendering the ‘I' to the greater whole. 


In this way we take the yoga off the mat into karma yoga, charity seva events, incorporating our dharma into the "Embracing the world Charity", bringing yoga - union into life embodiment. Together we share the awake radiance of Divine Heart. 


Also empowered through unifying practices of contact yoga, partner yoga, human mandalas and kriya practices. We are guided through spoken poetry and movemnet meditation, acknowledging the healing benefit and purpose behind each pose on both esoteric anatomical, energetic, spiritual and physical levels. We incorporate all aspects of the eight limbs of yoga. Together we journey through preparatory practices leading us to Jana yoga, somatic self-enquiry meditation abiding.


For all trainings, qualifications and inspired research and development we have undergone over the last 22 years and continuing please see our website

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