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Bhavini Vyas
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When Bhavini Vyas sings, she takes the listener on a profound journey to the core of their being, quite literally channeling her voice into the collective evolution of humanity. The product of a culturally rich family hailing from the northern suburbs of London with a spiritual yet Western upbringing, today Bhavini is committed to giving the world an experience of mantra, meditation, and yogic philosophy through her music and spiritual alchemy.


An avid supporter of maintaining cultural diversity and with a profound understanding of global music, Bhavini has been responsible for curating artistic performances at festivals and events around the world. Exposed to high-caliber musicians from the beginning of her musical journey, Bhavini spent her younger years collaborating with various producers and musicians and featuring on their projects, inadvertently developing an international repertoire. Influenced by Hip-hop, soul, brit-pop, and devotional music, she works closely with musicians, DJ collectives, and producers to devise unique musical arrangements.


Bhavini is an accomplished and highly trained vocalist with an ability to connect to individuals in intimate settings as well as crowds of thousands. She has an inherent understanding of the ancient Vedic philosophy behind how music can have a very real and transformative effect on the body and mind, and Bhavini is known for the emotional journey she takes her listeners on.


While she continues to present music performances in English, Sanskrit, and other Indian languages, Bhavini has been expanding her musical expression. Having spent the last few years exploring various genres, Bhavini launched a highly anticipated soul and contemporary album 'The Lighthouse' at the Truman Brewery in London, and ’New Moon’ in 2021. Bhavini now frequently performs online for audiences of over 1000 people at festivals and private events. 

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