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Ayuray is a conscious lifestyle brand that creates products based on Fairtrade, conscious choices and sustainable practices. 

We are inspired by ayurveda and the true essence of yoga - to be in union with the elements and energy of the universe.  We create products that are designed with conscious choices, to improve wellness and to be kind to Mother Earth. 


One of our best selling product is the ayurvedic yoga mat, that is made of 100% natural goodness like organic cotton, ayurvedic herbal dyes that give colors  and therapeutic benefits. We work with co-operatives  and women's self help groups on fair trade principles to build strong communities. We believe that conscious business is all about putting purpose above profits. It is about creating products in the best interest of the consumer, while respecting the interests of the artisanal community and minimizing impact on the environment. 


We are proud and grateful to showcase our ayurvedic yoga mats, ayurvedic towels and other products from our portfolio at World Yoga Festival. Please feel free to connect with us at our stand

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