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André Riehl
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A student of yoga since 1972, André lived in a Himalayan monastery before spending several years in a spiritual quest in India among masters and instructors of diverse traditions. He had the opportunity to deepen his spiritual practice with Kashmiri Babu, an ascetic monk in the Shivaite tradition.


He was profoundly touched by his contact with J. Krishnamurti and Sri Ma Ananda Mayi. With them, he learned to develop two important aspects in the spiritual path linked to these two great instructors: discernment and relation.


It was finally his decisive meeting of Chandra Swami in the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasins that allowed him to integrate all the previous teachings.


Returning to France, he immediately devoted several years to the study of teaching yoga within the schools of Swami Shivananda, Lucien Ferrer, Nil Haoutoff and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar before becoming a teacher himself.


Author of « The Prince of the Forests », a tale adapted from the Râmâyana, and translator of a dozen spiritual works, he has also produced two video-cassettes of traditional yoga practices and a CD of Sanskrit chants "Mantra Sadhana”.


In 1992, he was named president of the Federation of Traditional Yoga in which he opened five schools of Yoga teaching (Toulouse, Paris, Bretagne, Le Mans et Suisse).


Certified teacher in NIDRA YOGA by the « Federation of Traditional Yoga » – France; European Federation; and the "National Yoga Confederation of India.”


Parallel to these activities, he participated in the creation of two alternative conventions in Paris - "To Live and Work differently" (a convention of social alternatives), and "Alternative Health" (a convention of Complementary Medicine and traditional health practices) of which he was the program director for 10 years.


Author of several articles in specialised magazines, he participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts and is regularly invited to national and international yoga conferences.


Desiring to participate in the transmission and the preservation of the yogic culture, he dedicates himself to transmit authentic teachings combining ancestral knowledge with contemporary attitudes through courses, seminars, and trainings as well as accompanying groups to traditional India.


From this point of view, the teaching which he offers combines an ensemble of practices allowing to integrate diverse facets which form our identity and our way of being in the world - development of the breath and conscious respiration, studies of the levels of relaxation and lucid dreaming, awakening the intuition and development of the degrees of concentration, using and mastering the faculties of sense, sanskrit chanting, and interior silence, study of traditional texts.


André will be leading the following sessions:


- Nidrâ Yoga: an investigation into the sacred dimension of our humanhood

- Mantra vibration chanting from the Shaivaite Kashmir tradition

- Nidrâ Yoga & Indriyas: expansion of the sensory system in intuition 

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