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Andrea Carrani

Andrea Carrani.jpg

Andrea shares his knowledge and spiritual understanding in public programmes, satsangs and workshops, as well as giving individual Karmic Pattern Soul Readings (know your Sanskars), helping people to release their karmic patterns and realise their Divine nature to find inner peace:

"Experience the Awakening of Consciousness that is happening worldwide.

Through Mindfulness, Meditation, Presence, Satsang, Prayer, The Soul awakens bringing you such an inner joy and lasting peace.

Such is the Divine power within your Heart."

Andrea is guiding people from all Faiths and walks of life in expanding their own understanding further, helping them to touch deeply the peace that lies within all of us, beyond the chattering mind, which can only be perceived through the heart.

It is only through the stillness of his meditations that Andrea's students have been able to reconnect to that deep silence, true love and peace within.

Andrea trained for almost 30 years under the guidance of so many Spiritual Masters and Teachers from both the West and the East. His teachings are simple and easy to understand, for both beginners and more experienced seekers.

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