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Anandala & 11 moons


Anandala is a brand of clothes and accessories  with  beautiful healing mandalas.  All the mandalas are painted with lot of prayers and intention to bring harmony and love and each of them reflects a different aspect of our Enlightened  nature.  

 Our tops have very unique design and they are  really comfortable .The asymmetric cut makes them  very feminine and fairy.   You can wear Anandala's tops  whenever  you feel like expressing your  loving free spirit and your true essence of pure light and peace.


11 moons 

We are small and ethically based company from Bulgaria-the land of Roses and Lavender

We believe that all healing comes from the nature so we gave created amazing healing essential oil blends for energy ballance and femle hormonal health. Our products are stored in bio containers with glass roll on for easy application

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