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Abigail Acquaviva

Abigail is a Yoga Elder who started practicing yoga in 1997 and teaching in 2000, delighting in the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. Having worked with several of Vanda’s students, particularly Monica Voss and Diane Long, Abigail has been strongly influenced by the AcquaViva approach to the work, created by Marc Acquaviva. She is his long term student and has enjoyed over 1000 hours of tuition. Together they created the Acquaviva School of Yoga, in 2011, which is dedicated to supporting each student participant in their personal journey towards liberating and embodying their essential selves through Yoga.


Abigail’s class will be an enquiry into how a yoga practice is supportive to women throughout their lives and particularly in relation to pelvic health issues, such as post-natal recovery, endometriosis and prolapse. Abigail welcomes students to bring questions and she will endeavour to incorporate requests into the class. Ahimsa will be a central theme to the class and students will be invited to work with tapas while paying close attention to the needs of their body.

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