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The Mindful Sister

Through meditation and mindfulness practice, Marta discovered over the last few years the power of awakening and healing, and equally a passion to be of service, assisting others in their healing journeys. She decided then to call her vision ‘The Mindful Sister’ in honour of a world where all people become one family. Before she knew it, she was an intuitive healer and self taught in healing minerals and crafting healing jewellery. She started creating intentional jewellery, crafted to motivate the wearer in their healing path. Her pieces, often unique or custom made, are always accompanied by mindful messages and mantras that she writes herself. As a small family-assisted business, and a lover of the World Yoga Festival she is looking forward to share her creations and blessings with visitors. Come visit the tent to see Marta’s handmade creations, make a personalised order or have a chat about minerals and healing. 

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