Sri Vijay Gopala

Sri. Vijay Gopala is a certified senior Yoga Teacher from Mysore, India - the southern capital of the Yoga world. He has been teaching Yoga for more than 20 years and descends from a line of experienced Yogis. Being exposed to Yoga from a very young age by his father, who guided and taught him in all branches of Yoga, he went on to complete a degree in science and two Master degrees - one in Philosophy and another in Yoga.


Sri. Vijay Gopala has a unique expertise in bringing the Yoga philosophy as an experience on the Yoga mat. In 2012 he founded Yoga Gita to spread the message of ‘Yoga as it is’ by offering Teacher training courses, a Sadhana Program throughout the year, Daily classes, One on one sessions and Global retreats.


Sri. Vijay Gopala has a full awareness of each person’s ability and shares the teachings of Yoga with a rare warmth, humanity and wisdom required for any kind of transformation to take place.


Yoga as it is


During the festival Sri. Vijay Gopala will be presenting ‘Yoga as it is’ in three sessions. By practising ‘Yoga as it is’ you will experience the complete form of Yoga as explained in the ancient scriptures. In this unique approach you are exposed to a practice on the mat which has an ability to bring a real transformation by creating a perfect harmony between the true Self and the cause behind all happenings. Your body, breath and mind are harmonised to get rid of any imprints, resulting in the manifestation of the real potential of the Self. Getting exposed to the unique creative freshness arising from within is the key to success in life. As long as you are exposed to any form of restriction, so long your practise is just a physical activity such as sports. A true Yoga practise should facilitate your body, breath and mind to bloom in the dimension of existential infiniteness. This leads to expression of your wisdom and the evolution of your soul - making you free from influence of Karma. The approach of ‘Yoga as it is’ centers on the practical adoption of the ancient Yoga philosophy on the mat.

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