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World Yoga Festival Online Sessions

Thanks to the generosity of our teachers, many of these sessions are free. Please consider donating to the charity behind World Yoga Festival to help cover our admin and subscription costs during this challenging time. Donate now

Partner Classes

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar.jpg

Spiritual Practices According to Your Chakra Age with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, a living master of Nada (sound) Yoga & creator of Microchakra™ Psychology

Online 7 weekly sessions on Fridays: 23rd October - 4th December, 5pm - 6:30pm (UK time)


There is order in the Universe – Reta. When we synchronize our life according to Reta, the laws of the universe, we do not experience any obstacles. The practice of Nada Yoga and study of Microchakra™ Psychology, enables us to live according to Reta.


During this course, you will:

  • Learn about all 7 stages of development

  • Learn the activities associated with each Chakra age

  • Examine your age through dominance of the light of the chakra

  • Come to understand the 7 chakra minds

  • Develop a deep appreciation of the 7 rays, 7 colours, 7 notes in music, 7 rhythms, 7 planets, 7 days of the week, 7 heavens, 7 Lokas and the 7 Rishis of the Vedas

  • Learn how to vocalise powerful sounds and rhythms

  • Use ancient ways of synchronizing our breath with the cycles of nature and brain hemispheres

  • Repeat mantras and sounds after the teacher in a traditional style 


For further details and other events at Chakra Institute click here:




Sri Shyamji encountered his spiritual teacher at the age of twelve in Himalayans, and spent several years under his guidance.  The Guru initiated him into the Shaivite tradition of Tantra—imparting a rare oral tradition of sacred sounds (Naada yoga), breath (Svar yoga) and spiritual wisdom.


In 1967, he had an intuition. In a five hours of automatic writing he revealed that each of the seven major chakras contained 21 microchakras™ and described the precise details of their functioning. This revelation is the basis of Microchakra™ Psychology. These microchakras helped him understand the depth of the human psyche and led to the development of his unique psycho-spiritual theory which profoundly enriches the classical understanding of the chakras.


Marc J Acquaviva: (The enviro-somatic approach to practice)


75 minute guided sessions for all -  these1hr classes are built around the needs of participants, and end with 15 minutes guided deep relaxation.

Tuesdays 11:30am & 6:30pm and Wednesdays 11:00am 

£12 drop-in (or £6 using the coupon code VIEW-ONLY). Click here to book >



Regular 2.5 hr re-treat workshops that build into a graceful flow class.

Saturdays 10:30am - 1:00pm. £27 (interactive) or £15 (view-only)

Other themed workshops also available. Click here for info and booking for events>



6 days of 3hr themed workshops (with breaks) exploring and clarifying all the most significant relationships between structures of the body.

9th - 14th August 2020 10:00am - 1:00pm daily. Suitable for dedicated practitioners and teachers. Drop-in places available.  View-only places (non-interactive) are half price. 

More information and booking here>


ONLINE 1-to-1

Appropriate for anyone looking for depth and meaning from practice, or a solution to some bodily complication or confusion - 

FREE 15 minute initial consultation, or book a session directly below

Check availability and booking here>  More information here>



Pre-recorded 6-8 week courses for various levels of experience.


The Sacred Breath  (intermediate-advanced - minimum 2yrs+ experience)

A deep exploration of breathing choices together with an enviro-somatic understanding of 9 key pranayama practices over a 7 week course..  

Includes 9 individual additional 10 minute ‘daily practice’ videos 

£97 for the whole course. Click here for info and booking >


Embodied Living   (all levels of experience)

A series of 6-week entry-level courses that will change your relationship to your body, and to life.

£47 - £97 Click here for info and booking >


CPD courses for dedicated practitioners & teachers (intermediate: 2yrs+)

A ground-breaking series of next-level CPD courses that explores the potential that arises when we listen to the innate intelligence of our sensory feedback systems.

1. Haptic Intelligence >  (7 weeks)

2. Proprioceptive Intelligence > (8 weeks)

3. Core Intelligence > (8 weeks)  

£97 each (£197 including 3x 1:1 sessions)


Contact: or Visit the website >


Weekly Meditation and Satsang with Andrea Carrani

Online Group Live Weekly Meditations on Zoom - A Transformational Journey: “Unfold the inner fragrance of your heart. Experience inner freedom, peace and bliss as you merge with the innermost self.”  More Details 


Online 1-to-1 Soul Guidance Readings (30 mins / 1 hour) are also available to understand your Karmic Patterns (by appointment only):


Online 1-to-1 20 mins personal meditation also available by appointment.


Choose 1 or more classes per week:

Monday 7pm to 7.45pm

Wednesday 2pm to 2.45pm

Wednesday 7pm to 7.45pm

Saturday 10.15am to 11am

Sunday by appointment only 


Cost: minimum donation £5 via Paypal to




"The change I have felt since the meditation started is incredible. I can feel a new me emerging. A much happier, freer me! I can never thank you enough Andrea." ~ Gaia


“I have never felt so much peace in my whole life. There was so much light everywhere. My mind was so still. The greatest experience I have ever had.” ~ Fred


Click here to join the Zoom session:

Meeting ID: 824 646 9412  

Password: 588998


For more info, contact Andrea: 07576 475244 or


Michael Hutchinson.jpg

Nyasa Meditation with Michael Hutchinson

1 hour sessions on Sundays at 8.15am


Michael will begin each meeting with a short talk on a positive theme related to meditation and mindfulness. This is followed by a regular sequence of nyasa-s, easy movements and gestures with breathing and chanting a simple mantra, intended to both purify the energetic body and pacify the mind. There will then be guidance on the pranayama and meditation which follow. Meetings will close at 9:15, but you are invited to remain in a state of quiet. Feedback has been very positive and encouraging and you are welcome to join this supportive group.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 830 6879 8708

Passcode: 003829


Cost: £5 via Paypal to - please join with your name and video.

For more info, contact: / 07711 941183


Online Yoga Nidra Foundation Course with Helen

5 weekly sessions: 22nd September to 20th October 2020 - 7.30pm to 8.30pm via Zoom


1 hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as 4 hours of conventional sleep. Its benefits include increased immunity, digestive function and better sleep. Some of the gifts of Yoga Nidra are the releasing of old habits and thought patterns and reducing fatigue, worry and stress at all levels. Yoga Nidra will also help you tap into your highest potential. The practice is usually done lying down on your back. No previous experience required.


For further details of this course and other yoga classes at The Lotus Sanctuary, visit:


Contact: / 07765 881675


Weekly yoga, meditation and deep relaxation with Amy

Amy’s unique yoga classes are a blend of yoga, breathwork, visualisation, relaxation and meditation. 1 hour sessions that deeply nourish your body and your mind, to inspire, empower, and generate positive changes.


2 zoom yoga classes a week - Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm, Fridays 8:30am to 9:30am. 

One-2-One zoom (or park socially distanced) sessions available.

First class is free (then various price plans) No previous experience needed.


Free zoom guided deep relaxations 3 times a week - Mondays 9pm, Wednesdays 10am, Saturdays 6.30pm.

30 minute live guided relaxations to raise the vibration, relax your body and soothe your soul, during these deeply challenging times. 


Contact Amy on 07786 013577 or

Visit: / Instagram: @amy_themissingpeace


Yoga with Dize: Iyengar yoga classes from beginners to advanced levels

30 minute to 2 hour classes every Monday to Saturday plus recordings available for 48 hrs after the class. See website for more details -


Contact: Dize Watson / +27 73 311 2888


A 12-week interactive online course that brings together metaphysical principles with cutting edge somatic practices

It's like yoga for your voice 


If you've ever lost your voice, it was probably while you were going through a crisis, a dark night of the soul or a rite of passage. Nothing reflects how you feel as much as your voice and when you lose it, your Soul is calling out for attention and that call needs to be heard. 


In meditative vocal practices to become more fully embodied and expressed you'll explore your voice, learn to trust yourself and unlock the wisdom of your soul. You'll understand how to change your state, feel subtle energy and open doorways into mystical realms of experience within yourself, because your Voice is the seat of your Soul.


We'll be covering 

- How your voice can regulate your nervous system and reduce anxiety 

- How sound is a source of pleasure that connects to your sensuality

- The three basic principles of chanting that underpin all mystical traditions, so that you can experience altered states of consciousness 

- The five pure vowels and how to work with them to release tension and feel expansive

- How to use consonants and syllables to strengthen your voice and move energy

- Vocal breathing exercises to deepen your breath, strengthen your diaphragm and regulate your heart rate


This isn't about learning some vague or abstract spiritual concept, nor is it about singing. It's about unlocking the dormant potential in your voice.


This is a 3 month course with weekly practice sessions, modules, interactive elements & more. Starting September 2020. Cost: £375 


Sign up now:







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