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Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the Founder and Director of Chi Kri Yoga, a health and yoga company established 27 years ago in the UK. He founded Chi Kri Yoga as a way of using yoga to help improve people’s lives and making yoga accessible to the widest sections of society.


Neil is a living example of the power of the human mind, body and soul. In 2000, he was diagnosed with a Grade 3 sarcoma, a deadly form of cancer and was given under a year to live if he refused treatment. In true Neil style, he declined all forms of conventional cancer intervention and instead opted to use a combination of yoga and diet, as well as spiritual and mental strength, to prevent the 24cm cancer mass from taking over his body. After 16 years, his doctors declared that he had “defied all medical logic”, with a Professor declaring him “the miracle man”.


Neil Patel does not advocate refusing medical treatment, but insists that people learn to harness the power of their mind and soul in all pursuits and paths, but is happy to explain how he managed to arrest cancer mentally for those who are curious. He patently does not offer a cure.


His broad, warm and expressive personality makes him very accessible to people in all situations. He is known for having “one foot in the ashram (spiritual centre) and the other foot in the street (contemporary society)”, which puts him in the ideal position of being able to impart yoga’s teachings to everyone in a language understood by all. Having dedicated his life to help others unlock the power of the soul via yoga, and meditation, as well as the written and spoken word, Neil delivers transformative sessions to individuals, communities and businesses.

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