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Krishna Khunti
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Being a British born woman with Indian roots, I am a symbiotic creation of East meets West who is consistently striving to bring the world together, one soul at a time. I renounced familiarity to find something deeper than societal milestones by becoming a yogi, and a Warrior of Wellness.


In a previous life, I spent years in the dynamic city of London intensively blending corporate work-life with creativity in search of myself. What followed was an explosive quarter life crisis, in which I decided to venture off my small island and into the world unknown, in search of answers. Renouncing familiarity to the fullest; my first stop was the other extreme side of the world; Tokyo, Japan, where I lived and worked for a year, followed by realizing my dream of teaching street children in the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. After this chapter in my life the technicolour journeys continued, and life nor I would ever be the same again.


From early on in life I had discovered a love for ancient spiritual texts and practices; from meditation, sacred fire ceremonies to Om/ sound healing and chakra balancing to sacred geometry. I attended regular classes where possible, read spiritual texts, learnt and eventually started conducting my own regular classes and started being invited to participate at festivals around the world. In addition, I trained as a Reiki Master over five years and qualified as a 500hr accredited Yoga Teacher in India. One key thing had been established and clarity found; a consistent love and defining facet to my being, has been my continuous quest for spiritual awareness, personal growth, wisdom and sharing this with others.


My continuous learning and development enchants my life, and helps me further understand my path and connection with the universe. And just like my background and journey so far, my workshops and classes are an amalgamation of profound, precious yet simple practices focussing on the accessible, authentic and inclusive yoga and wellbeing for all.


I was asked, "When did this spiritual journey start for you"? I pondered for a while and then responded, "I don’t remember.. (most probably because something that is infinite and eternal doesn’t have a beginning or an end)".


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