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Jesse Bannister
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Yoga Of Sound workshop


Jesse Bannister brings together the mystic music of Indian Rāga and Sound Yoga in a form that invites the listener and participants to connect with their inner vibration.


His Indian music sound mediations envelope the audience in to the sacred space of living sound. Jesse comes from an Indian and British heritage and his music reflects this union of both cultures.


He has been connecting Western and Indian audiences to Indian raga through listening, singing and playing for 30 years and has taught on international degree programmes and led workshops around the world. Through his teaching he creates a compassionate and highly creative space for people to join into and grow from.


The workshop will take the form of sound meditations with specially prepared listening, singing and playing exercises to immerse into. The workshop is open to all and you can bring your ears, voices or tuned instrument to experience a journey of Indian rāga music.

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