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Laura Gubbins

Weaving deep clarity with humorous metaphor, Laura Gubbins recites mystical poetry from 13th Century Persian Sufi Rumi and 14th Century Kashmiri Yogini Lalla, accompanied by Tom Parry playing the guitar and the duduk.. The mystics’ timeless poetry describes the soul’s journey towards the deepest mysteries, and the struggles and ecstasy experienced along the way.

Having fallen into a traditional style ‘disciple and master’ relationship with her Kashmiri Sufi guide ten years ago, Laura started a journey deep into mystical experience. Studying the great mystics’ texts from various traditions over those years, revealed that the mystics’ voices of the heart transcend the separation of specific religious paths. Now, without interpretation or commentary, Laura’s devotional recitals bring alive the vision that the mystics speak of, deeply relevant in contemporary times.

With her background of 10 years’ experience in physical theatre performance in London, Laura transitioned to memorising and reciting the mystical poetry with her shruti box and a musician. Since 2016 she has shared devotional performances in the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico & the US at consciousness festivals, ashrams, yoga centres & kirtan.


Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocs_hRcISmY&feature=emb_title

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Nikki Slade

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. Nikki has inspired thousands of individuals to chant and has led chanting workshops for many corporations including M&C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco. She has also taken her cutting edge approach to working with the voice into Wandsworth men’s prison and she is the resident voice facilitator at the Priory hospital in North London where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts over the past 13 years.


Nikki has recorded four highly popular chanting Cd’s: Nectarine, Monsoon, Soundscape and her latest double album Epiphany. She is the resident Kirtan (Chanting) leader at Triyoga in London and has travelled the world with her work to places including California, Singapore, NYC, Europe and Melbourne. She has led chants for over 2000 people at the 11.11.11 Mind, Body, Spirit show and at the 12.12.12 Oneness ceremony in London.




Omar Aziz

Join us for a Gong Voyage created by Omar Aziz. A multi-instrumental sound practitioner from Colchester, UK, specialising in gongs, handpan, flutes, djembe and other world instruments to provide a powerful and diverse sound bath experience.


Over the years, Omar's journey into sound meditation has taken him on a voyage of self discovery, healing and connection. He has spent time with many great teachers along the way including Sheila Whittaker, Don Conreaux and Robert Horwell, to name just a few. 


For the last year, Melanie Swire has been working alongside Omar as his apprentice in sound alchemy, bringing with her a love of the didgeridoo. Omar and Melanie offer a live musical transmission where participants are enveloped in multi-harmonic vibrations as the resonance of the gongs and other instruments travel into the very fabric of our cells. 


Radhika Das

In 2007 Radhika Das first reflected on a world that he felt was in the most part frustrated in its search for happiness and deeper truth.

The solution, he discovered was the practice of Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion. He decided to dedicate more time to absorb himself in the ancient practice of Kirtan and discovered the beauty of mantra.

Radhika is devoted to helping people, whether it be from an existing yoga or spiritual background or to those with limited or no exposure to the practices. His aim is to help you to feel more fulfilled through mantra meditation and a holistic way of living; deeply connecting the mind, body and soul. He has shared in a variety of spaces including The British Museum, with well known Yoga teachers such as Emma Henry, Jules Febre and Charlie Kelly as well as in corporate and popular student spaces.

"Every human being has a beautiful light within that is just waiting to shine, but our false ego can often block us from unlocking our full potential. As a Bhakti practitioner, I want to serve you to dive deep and explore, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy."

Radhika Das also helps to run ‘Kirtan London’, a project which aims to make sacred mantra music accessible and relevant to a wider audience, including schools, mental health institutions and outdoor events.

Vibha Selvaratnam

Vibha trained in Bharatanatyam from a very early age from her mother Kiran Ratna. Her outstanding talent has propelled her onto the international dance scene. She is regularly invited to perform at the NADA Nrityotsava at the VRC Academy of Music & Dance in India as well as performing throughout the UK. She has been highly praised for the choreographic innovation shown in her works such as Nayika and experimental collaborations with The Fusion Project. Vibha has co-choreographed and performed in many productions with India Dance Wales, most recently taking the lead role in the dance drama “Shakuntala”. She heads India Dance South West (a branch of India Dance Wales est. in 1993) and continues to choreograph and perform regularly and is involved with collaborations to explore her art form further.]

Jesse Bannister

Rāga music concert


“Jesse Bannister's Music is Exquisite” Claire Martin, BBC Radio 3


A concert of Indian rāga music on saxophone and tabla; evolving into an ambient musical mood alongside Guitar and Bass. Jesse’s music invites you to a mystical abode thru the ancient Indian musical form of rāga, ambient world beats and improvisation.


From a mixed-race background of Indian and white British heritage, Jesse is a world-renowned Indian classical saxophonist and sought-after composer, who has written for the Hallé Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and City of London Sinfonia and has collaborated with such lights as Talvin Singh, Deepak Pandit, Bickram Ghosh, Padma Shri Aruna Sairam and Adnan Joubran.


Bannister is a truly global artist with an international reputation for original composition, outstanding performance and dynamic delivery. He has toured internationally in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Sanju Sahai

Sanju Sahai (also known as Vishnu Sahai), is currently one of the finest and most sought after Tabla players of his generation. Belonging to the Benares Gharana (lineage) and being the 6th generation of Tabla players in the lineage, he began playing at an early age. Being a child prodigy, and the son of the legendary Pandit Sharda Sahai Ji, he gave his first Tabla solo performance at a major festival in Benares at the tender age of 9. He gained his Bachelor of Music at the age of 13 and Master of Music at 18 years of age.


A phenomenal and outstanding Tabla player, he is well known for mesmerising and captivating his audience with his power, virtuosity and complete spontaneity.