Adrian Atma

"Not only music, it's a journey toward inside.”


Adrian Atma performs incredible solos with a loop station, acoustic instruments, beatbox, and voice. He plays guitar, sitar, violin, bansuri, and duduk. Adrian can be called a real "One-Man-Orchestra". His creativity and inspirations are connected to Indian music, Gypsy style and sounds from the Middle East. Originally from France, Adrian has been traveling all over the world for several years and got inspired by different kinds of traditional music. Being a yogi and adept of meditation his music is infused by his practice.

Listen :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKwsVSSDrGo

Brett Randell

Brett Randell is a soulful singer/songwriter and yogi based out of Denver/NY in the US. He recently recorded and released his 3rd CD "Rise" and has played 100s of Yoga/Music gigs across the US, Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, and Morocco, providing smooth guitar work and vocalization for all types of teachers, festivals, classes, and retreats.


“Like a painting or a symphony, Brett Randell’s music has the ability to truly move the audience, but only if the listener has an open heart and the courage to swim out to the performer’s depths.” – Sarah Whited, Music Connection Magazine

Hear more: http://www.brettrandell.com/


Carsten Wicke

Kolkata based Carsten Wicke is regarded today as one of the world's most outstanding Rudra Veena maestros, whose music is carrying the almost lost sound of the Rudra Veena from the thousands-of-years old tradition into the present.

Born in Germany, Carsten learned violin and singing as a child. His journey into Indian music started in the 1990ties while studying India’s most popular percussion instrument with the international renowned Tabla Maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. Being fascinated by the old classical Dhrupad music Carsten meets India’s legendary Rudra Veena Master Ustad Asad Ali Khan whose musical family tradition goes back over many generations, including outstanding Beenkars (Veena players) like Sadiq Ali Khan, Musharraf Khan and Rajab Ali Khan. Ustad Asad Ali Khan accepted him as one of his few Veena disciples and taught him traditional Rudra Veena in Khandarbani Style. While studying the vocal tradition of the Dagarbani Dhrupad with Ashish Sankrityayan, the current director and teacher at the Dhrupad Kendra in Bhopal, Carsten completed the musical versatility of his Veena playing.

Carsten's presentation of the old classical Raga music unites in an unparalleled way the meditative depth in the Alap (introduction) - the unparalleled fortitude of the Dagarbani Dhrupad - with the dynamic interpretation of the faster performance stages (Jor, Jhala) - a distinguished characteristic of the Khandarbani style. While combining subtle melodic variations with complex rhythmical finger stroke techniques his exceptional playing style creates a unique listening experience that is appreciated by Indian music lovers as well as by the international audience.


Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth

Jyotsna Srikanth is the most sought after South Indian C​arnatic violinist in Europe and composer known for her versatility and ability to collaborate with different genres seamlessly and with ease.Jyotsna Srikanth started her musical career at the age of nine from her mother Rathna Srikantiah and later from R. R. Keshavamurthy, the legendary seven stringed violinist. She is an all rounder who has given numerous South Indian classical (Carnatic) solo concerts, jugalbandhi concerts, jazz - fusion concerts and Contemporary Indian Music shows.​Adding on to this, she has flourished as a performer and composer, exploring lush ground in the crossover between Indian music and a variety of world music & contemporary flavours. Her violin playing has a nice blend of musical expression and emotion with good technique, a result of three ‘decades of experimentation’ as per a critic.Ms. Srikanth is featured in many major global music events and venues like WOMAD - UK, Red Violin Festival – Wales, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, ​ ​South Bank Centre, ​Barbican, ​The Music Academy - Chennai ​and many more major venues and festivals across the world. 

​Recently received the Ganakalashree award from Karnataka Ganakala Parishat​, India​.She has also composed music for albums & dance ballets and has released many albums. 
She is a medical doctor, a postgraduate in Pathology. She is now into music completely & is presently based in London.​Has played violin for nearly ​3​00 ​Indian films​​ under music directors like Ilaiyaraaja​.Received fellowship from Trinity College of Music, London.Jyotsna is the Artistic Director of the London International Arts Festival​.​

​Her most memorable concert was the performance for UKwelcomes Modi event where she composed and performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra for 60000 ​people at the Wembley Stadium during the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to UK.




Laura Gubbins

Weaving deep clarity with humorous metaphor, Laura Gubbins recites mystical poetry from 13th Century Persian Sufi Rumi and 14th Century Kashmiri Yogini Lalla, accompanied by soulful guitar music by Peruvian musician Alexys Alfaro. The mystics’ timeless poetry describes the soul’s journey towards the deepest mysteries, and the struggles and ecstasy experienced along the way.

Having fallen into a traditional style ‘disciple and master’ relationship with her Kashmiri Sufi guide ten years ago, Laura started a journey deep into mystical experience. Studying the great mystics’ texts from various traditions over those years, revealed that the mystics’ voices of the heart transcend the separation of specific religious paths. Now, without interpretation or commentary, Laura’s devotional recitals bring alive the vision that the mystics speak of, deeply relevant in contemporary times.

With her background of 10 years’ experience in physical theatre performance in London, Laura transitioned to memorising and reciting the mystical poetry with her shruti box and a musician. Since 2016 she has shared devotional performances in the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico & the US at consciousness festivals, ashrams, yoga centres & kirtan.


Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocs_hRcISmY&feature=emb_title

Nikki Slade

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. Nikki has inspired thousands of individuals to chant and has led chanting workshops for many corporations including M&C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco. She has also taken her cutting edge approach to working with the voice into Wandsworth men’s prison and she is the resident voice facilitator at the Priory hospital in North London where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts over the past 13 years.


Nikki has recorded four highly popular chanting Cd’s: Nectarine, Monsoon, Soundscape and her latest double album Epiphany. She is the resident Kirtan (Chanting) leader at Triyoga in London and has travelled the world with her work to places including California, Singapore, NYC, Europe and Melbourne. She has led chants for over 2000 people at the 11.11.11 Mind, Body, Spirit show and at the 12.12.12 Oneness ceremony in London.




Omar Aziz

Join us for a Gong Voyage created by Omar Aziz. A multi-instrumental sound practitioner from Colchester, UK, specialising in gongs, handpan, flutes, djembe and other world instruments to provide a powerful and diverse sound bath experience.


Over the years, Omar's journey into sound meditation has taken him on a voyage of self discovery, healing and connection. He has spent time with many great teachers along the way including Sheila Whittaker, Don Conreaux and Robert Horwell, to name just a few. 


For the last year, Melanie Swire has been working alongside Omar as his apprentice in sound alchemy, bringing with her a love of the didgeridoo. Omar and Melanie offer a live musical transmission where participants are enveloped in multi-harmonic vibrations as the resonance of the gongs and other instruments travel into the very fabric of our cells. 


Shapla Salique

East London raised singer-song writer, Shapla Salique is known for her incredibly powerful voice and edgy acoustic Bengali folk music with jazz and funk influences.

Shapla is one of Britain’s most successful British-Bangladeshi artists. Her soulful sound has captivated audiences worldwide, from London's Queen Elizabeth Hall and Houses of Parliament to Canada, USA, Poland, Sweden and Italy.

Shapla’s dynamic spiritual melodies and soaring vocals are gaining her recognition on the world music scene. Most recently she has been featured in Songlines magazine and has received a great review for her album ‘No Boundaries’.

Her style is deeply rooted in the Bengali folk Baul tradition which she carries forward and experiments using western instruments. She performs with her jazz band across the UK and abroad.

Shapla has been singing and performing since she was a little girl. From playing at East London local schools, community centres and festivals, to leading vocalist at the Royal Albert Hall and making appearances on various mainstream TV shows. 

Shapla has performed at venues including, Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo, Royal Ascot, the Barbican, BBC Radio (94.9fm), Houses of Parliament, Hackney Empire, Vortex, and at London’s South Bank. She has also held solo concerts at the prestigious Wilton’s Music Hall. Shapla’s touring has included gigs in Canada, Virginia, Texas, Poland, Italy and Sweden.

Shapla has twice been invited to speak and perform at a TEDX event in front of a celebrity filled audience, in 2014 at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall in Westminster and at the Sadlers Well theatre in 2017. These were also streamed globally and watched by over a billion people.

Shapla’s album ‘No Boundaries’ was released in April 2016. ‘No Boundaries’, brings Shapla’s unique style to Bengali folk songs which are over 200 years old. She pushes boundaries with her broad musical taste and talent. She has arranged, composed and produced the album herself and describes it as “a perfect blend of East and West”


Sika Deer

Emerging over 20 years ago, at the forefront of tribal music in the 80’s, Sika leapt into the UK music scene and was immediately recognized as a gifted Didjeridoo player. Through merging ancient and contemporary instruments, Sika’s music crosses the lines between world, ambient dance and acoustic trance , with a deep sense of reverence.His instrument bundle includes the Didjeridoo, Taos Drum, Shells, Ocarinas, Rattles and Shakers, Hoop Drums, Native American Flutes, as well as synths and electronica.Initially coming from a background of fine art and photography, Sika’s life is based on the medicine wheel teachings, emphasising that we are here to walk in balance and beauty within ourselves and nature. In his shows and concerts, Sika shares anecdotes and stories based on personal experiences, plus a wealth of information, facts and wisdom relating to the instruments and the cultures they originated from. Sika has recorded 4 solo albums and participated on countless collaborations. He makes annual appearances at festivals all over North and South Island NZ, as well as Australia and in the UK. The connection with our ancestors and  ancient knowledge is a key to see into the Dreamtime of our planet.


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