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Craig Goldblatt

Craig Goldblatt, an Inspirational Speaker with over 16 years experience. He has spoken at over 600 keynote presentations around the world and is fast becoming a global entity in his own right. He challenges and inspires audiences to be their very best and to understand that who they are is enough. Craig’s message has taken him to some of the most diverse countries in the world and allowed him to experience and learn from many cultures. These combined experiences have given Craig an enhanced awareness of human identity, a one-of-a-kind asset for personal growth and loving who you are.



7th July, Sunday

Craig will be talking at the World Yoga Festival from 11.30 to 1 p.m on Sunday in the space tent. Title of his talk is 'Living with Passion'.

Living with Passion

You are magnificent.  You were born lucky.  You were granted a gift to be here, enjoying this amazing country you live in and what this stunning planet has to offer you, every single day.

My message is about taking the audience on a journey into their Purpose, Intention, Identity, their Values and Beliefs.  A real deep dive into who they are and what makes them tick, which values they see as their greatest assets, what identity do they portray to the world - is it real?

On their rocking chair at the end of life, what would have been their reason for living, their legacy?  Many see my speech as a life changing message, this goal is certainly my purpose each time I speak.

My passion is to empower as many people around the world to improve the quality of their lives

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