Sonali is the heart of the World Yoga Festival. To her, everything needs to ‘feel’ right not just look right. She sees beneath what others see, and balances the energies of the seen and the unseen in perfect union to create a holistic experience. A skilful Reiki master, she has studied many of the Eastern wisdom traditions.

If Sonali is the heart, then Ram is the head of the World Yoga Festival. A computer scientist by training who is continuously surprised by the meticulous logic of the ancient Yoga traditions of posture, meditation and wisdom. He runs classes on Vedanta and has one of those voices that put people to sleep in guided meditations!

Swami Santatmananda

Swami Santatmananda is the resident acharya at the Rishikesh ashram of Swami Dayananda and was crucial to the success of the first Yoga festival in July 2016. Ram and Sonali are extremely fortunate to have such an unique and learned person, with an extensive contact base and ancient knowledge of the authentic Indian traditions, as their key advisor on festival content.

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Swami Dayananda Saraswati

We take our inspiration and direction from Puja Swami Dayananda Saraswati and the other great masters of the authentic Yoga traditions. 


We seek the blessing of the great masters to perpetuate the priceless ​knowledge they showered on us all.Their legacy lives on.

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