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Aya Massage

Aya Massage offers Holistic and Ayurvedic massage therapy, including bespoke massages, facials and holistic treatments with a focus on using organic, ethically sourced and handmade herbal oils. The Aya Massage ethos is to bring the healing power of plants and nature to clients by pairing the properties of each herbal oil to their needs, be it emotional of physical, thus enhancing  the therapeutic value of the treatment and providing a unique and thoughtful experience. They offer a fully mobile pop up space that can bring a calming and peaceful atmosphere to any area. They provide beds, towels, decoration, lighting and more to make the space as special as possible. Your therapist is a fully insured masseuse having trained at the Kerala Ayurvedic Institute, India and has been a practitioner for over 3 years, working at well-being spaces in Bristol and London as well as providing massage and yoga workshops for youth groups and community spaces.

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