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Audrajean Elliott-Davies
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Audrajean Elliott-Davies is an enthusiastic, passionate participant and teacher of movement and mindfulness meditation. A Pilates teaching Yogi, enjoying a wide range of practices from sound healing, chanting, breathwork, mindfulness meditation and a variety of movement styles. Audrajean is deeply inspired by the work of; Jon Kabat Zin, Tara Brach, Deepak Chopra, Sharon Salzberg and Kristin Neff. A regular attendee of retreats to establish and engage with Buddhist teachings, aspiring to its path of mindfulness through the modern practice of Triratna.  


A qualified mindfulness teacher with The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation, approved by the British Psychological Society.  


Self compassion for who I am today 

Our session will start with some gentle movement to waken the body, mobilise joints and softly stretch. We will find a comfortable position, close our eyes and settle into a grounding meditation. In a second meditation we will seek to become our own best friend, try to recognise our own suffering and face our inner critic with love and curiosity. Offering ourselves compassion and understanding we will extend our thoughts of metta loving kindness. Feel connection to our neighbours as we extend love and joy out into the festival, the wider community and throughout the universe.

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