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Anetta Panczel
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Anetta Panczel an FHT accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Trainer, Sound Healing Practitioner, Gong Practitioner, tutor for the College of Sound Healing and a part time Functional Skills Maths Lecturer.

Anetta has run laughter yoga, relaxing sound baths & improvised theatre workshops in Dorset and Wiltshire since 2012. She has run workshops at festivals, care homes, centres for adults with learning difficulties, hen parties, workplaces, young carers festival & was awarded a Laughter Ambassador Certificate in 2019.

Her passion is healing with sound, laughter, fun theatre games (short form improv) and training people how to run their own clubs.

Relaxation session: Come and lie down, and listen to the beautiful relaxing sound of percussion instruments like rainstick, ocean drum, tuned chimes, singing bowls and more. Bring a mat and blanket to be comfortable.

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